We stake our reputation on each service we provide, and IT Engineering is no exception. We deliver comprehensive, reliable, and innovative solution support for end-to-end technical efforts spanning the entire engineering life-cycle at government test labs, ship and shore sites, as well as at our robust test lab facility located at our Cypher office in Liberty Station – just minutes from SPAWAR San Diego locations. Our IT engineering services include:


Systems Engineering &

We troubleshoot and maintain capabilities on shipboard, submarine, and shore sites. Our network support and maintenance activities lead to greater system stability and much shorter repair intervals. Our network maintenance covers all aspects of each system, including active directory administration, primary and remote storage, backup and recovery solutions, and
network device configuration.


Network Design &

We are experts at gathering and evaluating requirements, defining and mitigating associated risks, and creating and executing all testing required of each effort, such as preinstallation integration testing and System Operation Verification Test (SOVT) procedures after fielding.  All design efforts are formally established into system baselines as required by government Configuration Management processes and in accordance with our internal quality assurance procedures.